Web Hosting Service Details


The following details the basic web hosting services that Russell Street Web Hosting provides. Other premium services that may be available might not be included here. If you need something that's not listed here -- just ask!

Service availability

We will do our utmost to ensure that our web services are available as much as possible. There is a regular weekly maintenance window from 12:00 am until 6:00 am Sunday morning; we may use this time period to perform upkeep on our web servers in order to ensure continued stability and reliability.

Domain registration

Russell Street Web Hosting does not provide domain registration or domain name resolution services as part of its web hosting package. However, we will register and maintain domain information on your behalf using our account at a domain registrar of our choice when requested. There is a one-time setup fee per domain if you choose to have use handle domain registration services on your behalf; each year we will bill you for domain name renewal if the registration is handled through Russell Street Web Hosting's registrar account. We do provide the information necessary for you to resolve your domain name to our web server, but if you choose to handle this yourself it is your responsibility to correctly set up and maintain this information. DNS services will be necessary in addition to domain registration services in order to use our web hosting services successfully. We provide DNS services on request; however we do not guarantee DNS server availability or functionality. We recommend using the domain name registrar's DNS services when they are available. The IP addresses on our web servers may change; this will require a change in DNS information on your part if you choose to handle your own DNS. In this event we will do our best to provide as much advance notice as possible so that when the relocation occurs DNS information can be updated during the appropriate time period.

Disk Space

We will provide up to 4 gigabytes of disk space per business class account and 2 gigabytes of disk space per personal class account. This includes everything in your user directory, public_html directory and e-mail domain accounts including log files; database(s); and disk space used by e-mail accounts. Additional disk space is available for an additional fee.

Unix shell account

We provide our users with a Unix shell account; we support ssh logins only. If your domain is resolving correctly the shell can be accessed by connecting via ssh to your domain name.

E-mail accounts

Unlimited e-mail accounts are available for every hosting account.

Junk e-mail filtering

We use SpamAssassin and an open source antivirus mail filter to keep spam and e-mail viruses under control. However, e-mail filtering is only as good as the software, and the software does periodically miss spam or misidentify legitimate e-mail as spam. Also, viruses may get through the mail filter; we encourage running anti-virus software on your system and not opening unexpected e-mail containing attachments.

CGI scripting

We support cgi scripting in the ~/public_html/cgi-bin subdirectory.

Web-based and POP3 e-mail access

We provide an online web e-mail interface at http://mail.[yourdomain].[yourtld] but do not guarantee its availability or functionality. We also support POP3 or IMAP e-mail access; we highly recommend accessing e-mail through a local e-mail client rather than depending on the online interface.

PHP and Perl scripting

We support PHP and Perl scripting.

E-mail support

We provide support through e-mail at support@russellst.com.

mysql databases

We provide up to six separate mysql databases to our personal class customers and twelve mysql databases for business class customers.

Log file analysis

We provide daily log file analysis through the online account administrative interface; these details are e-mailed to you when your account is opened.

Additional premium services

These services are not normally part of our web hosting packages. As they consume additional computing resources above and beyond a standard business-class website, we charge a monthly premium for them:

Additional disk space per 1 gigabyte
Domain name registration
Additional domain name setup
E-mail address administration

Web design, development, and consulting

We provide web design, development and consulting services separately from our web hosting services. Please contact aaron@russellst.com if you would like to discuss additional services or get estimates or rates on this type of work.

For questions or additional information please contact us at support@russellst.com.

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